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Our wide range of skills and in depth experience of the marine industry mean we are perfectly placed to advise on any aspect of communications strategy as well as event management.

We enjoy working to use resources as efficiently as possible to deliver maximum impact and with our experience working with business that are negotiating tough times and seeing them through to the other side means we are keenly aware of budget constraints.

We pride ourselves on being effective and efficient, balancing long term planning and short term necessities. We see harnessing any internal resources as key to any company effectively building its communications strategy and believe in building successful partnerships with all our clients.


Market expertise

With our in-depth knowledge of the media, communication platforms and the marine industry, we are ideally placed to advise clients on their communications strategy, both internally and externally.


Event management

We have organised a wide range of events, including boat show stands and show launch events, awards ceremonies, meetings, presentations and networking events. We thrive on the challenge of bringing a strong team together to deliver a high quality and well-organised events, always with an eye on potential improvements.



We enjoy passing on our expertise, as well as learning from our clients. We believe strongly that we are all improved by a regular input of new ideas. To that end we are continually looking at new and more effective ways of doing things, and enjoy passing this knowledge on.